Steve Animal

Steve Animal was found in a cold Detroit dumpster, December of 1963. Exact date, unknown.

Picked up for hitchhiking by the West Virginia State Police on I-79 in 1989, he was eventually tossed out of the cruiser in Charleston due to hygiene reasons, and has remained here since.

This 40 year radio veteran is rolling out of hibernation to do what he loves… playing rock music loud A.F.! 🙂

Standing at 6’1” and considered an upstanding citizen for some reason, he enjoys eating and drinking, especially when someone else is picking up the tab… Otherwise, he’ll have a water.

Apparently through an executive order from The United Nations, Steve Animal can now be heard on 98.7 – The Mountain, weekday mornings from 6a-10a… If his alarm goes off! Lol!

250x250-Steve Animal
Mon-Fri | 6a-10a